My "1 Year To The Audio Portal Anniversary" Soon!

2007-09-20 22:06:13 by DJ-X-POSED

I can't believe it's come so soon.

I've been in the Audio Portal for 1 year. My first submission ever is here and it sounds like shit. XD

So, to celebrate this, I'm going to post a bunch of new demos I'm working on & maybe a megamix. 5 Minute breakdown from then 'till now. That'd be fun. Hm...

Anyway, make me a present. XD

Thanks for reading!

My "1 Year To The Audio Portal Anniversary" Soon!


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2007-09-20 22:23:23

happy anniversary i guess ^^

DJ-X-POSED responds:



2007-11-08 11:57:49

ur only 14? wow, only a year younger than me =D u make GREAT music, i love ur sunset song, its AWESOMEEE!!!! <333

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Thanks! :)


2007-11-08 16:47:28

how's it going?

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Not bad, yourself?


2008-01-03 00:15:51

love your sunset song make more like it great work!

DJ-X-POSED responds:

I definitely will.


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