Entry #5

Writer's block...

2008-04-30 20:35:05 by DJ-X-POSED

Everytime I start a new song I can't finish it 'cause I don't have a clue what to add or anything, so I'm going to take a break for a while & see if I can get any inspiration from that.

When my scanner starts working I'll post some pictures I've been drawing on here. So far, you can check them here if you want to.

That's all for now.
~Zariah X-POSED~


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2008-04-30 20:39:51

man that must be annoying anyway i like ur pics and hello ^_^

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Thank you.

~Zariah X-POSED~


2008-04-30 20:56:50

It's ironic that I leave this comment.

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Lmao, dude, you're awesome.

~Zariah X-POSED~


2008-05-01 19:23:18

Hey man
when you do get writes block it is all ways good to take a break cause i kinda of a sign that youve been over working.
So its all ways good if you take a break for about a month or two and i knw that seems like a long time but it does help
just in the time space try get some new melodys down and practice making new beats.
hope this helps

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Ah, thanks. :)

~Zariah X-POSED~


2008-07-08 23:13:22

I know your pain.
Usually if you take a vacation and relax away from making music will help you a lot.

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Thanks, I'm done my vacation, lol. I'm just too lazy to post anything I've done at the moment.



2008-09-03 12:30:56

When I get writers block i just rest till you get that brain blast! ^-^ hope this helped.

DJ-X-POSED responds:

This is a really old Journal Entry, I'm currently out of my writer's block.

~ Zar