Writer's block...

2008-04-30 20:35:05 by DJ-X-POSED

Everytime I start a new song I can't finish it 'cause I don't have a clue what to add or anything, so I'm going to take a break for a while & see if I can get any inspiration from that.

When my scanner starts working I'll post some pictures I've been drawing on here. So far, you can check them here if you want to.

That's all for now.
~Zariah X-POSED~


2008-03-22 10:17:58 by DJ-X-POSED

My computer's motherboard was broken for a while & I finally got it fixed! New music will be posted soon.

My new "name" is Zariah X-POSED; I'm staying on this account though.

So yeah.

I can't believe it's come so soon.

I've been in the Audio Portal for 1 year. My first submission ever is here and it sounds like shit. XD

So, to celebrate this, I'm going to post a bunch of new demos I'm working on & maybe a megamix. 5 Minute breakdown from then 'till now. That'd be fun. Hm...

Anyway, make me a present. XD

Thanks for reading!

My "1 Year To The Audio Portal Anniversary" Soon!

My birthday's REALLY soon!

2007-09-01 22:38:13 by DJ-X-POSED

Go make me a present! XD

My birthday's on the 6th. 2 Days after my first day of school. So that sucks. It's highschool, too. I'ma get freshied. XD

Full new track!

2007-07-29 20:16:56 by DJ-X-POSED

Hello, everyone!

My newest track, "X-POSED" is finally finished! I've been working on it for weeks (I think, if it wasn't, it felt like it) and I think it's as good as it's gonna get. :D

On a side note, as you can see under this message, I've made a CD cover I might use if I make a CD or get a record deal or something. :P

Um... That's it, I guess. :P

Please check my
-"DeviantART" Page for more art I've made
-"Showcase Your Music" Page for more music (only full songs)
-"Freewebs" Website 'cause you can. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Full new track!